Dr John’s Willunga Shiraz 2013

2013 Willunga Shiraz

Yes, that is the exhaust of my car in the background, I got the idea to do this review when I pulled up at Mum and Dad’s place, so I put the bottle on the ground to snap a pic before we opened it. We’re lucky there’s no koala poo in the shot.

Now I always judge a wine by its label, exactly as you shouldn’t, and I have to confess this label didn’t do much to ring my bell. Maybe it was these low expectations that set me up to enjoy this wine. After the first sip, both Dad and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. This was good!

It’s the kind of shiraz that hangs around in the back of your throat long after you have swallowed, and I mean that in a good way. It gives you a beautiful warm glow akin to a hug from a loved one rather than a hot flush, and there was none of that astringent acid that you have to fight the wince reflex with on many red wines.

I can’t tell you what to pair it with because, for me, shiraz goes with everything, but I can certainly see it holding up against a slab of red meat if you are not feeling kindly toward your gut and heart. It is also mellow enough to go beautifully with cheese and pasta. Not together, necessarily, I meant like a cheese board OR a bowl of pasta, but let’s face it cheese and pasta are a match made in culinary heaven so hey, go for it!

My score: 8/10  Dad’s score: 8.5/10

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