Wine Reviews

Nat and Nat’s Dad’s Wine Reviews

I’m not a big drinker, but I am South Australian, so we are born with red wine in our veins. My dad, who is a New South Welshman originally, is also partial to a wee red tipple on occasion. So we often share a bottle of red once a week. Recently I bought a dozen bottles of miscellaneous shiraz so I thought I’d rate them as I went, if for no other reason so I can remember if I liked them enough to buy a dozen when they next come out on sale.

I have to warn you, I don’t talk about ‘nose’ unless we accidentally splash some on ours, and despite being a great lover of chocolate, I never taste it in a wine. So these reviews are going to in layman’s speak. I’m sure you’ll find some official reviews with all that wet-dog aroma stuff in it by Googling if that’s what you are looking for.

The only thing we do to prepare our palates before we imbibe is have a single savory biscuit. It can be anything really; bbq shapes, jatz – whatever the little munchkins have opened during the week, provided it has some salt in it. We stumbled across this little trick quite by accident, but it always makes the wine taste better.

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