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Writing romance

The romance writing scene in Adelaide is huge. Not only that, but they are all extremely supportive of each other. More than a couple of times I’ve thought of joining them just because they look like they are having so much fun. Only one problem; I can’t write romance.

The past few decades have seen me become quite cynical about romance. Sit on the sidelines of enough divorces and it does that to you. So my biggest problem is I don’t believe the everlasting declarations of love which you read in novels, and finishing at the point where they get together seems like a cop-out. That’s when the real hard work begins as far as I’m concerned.

At least that’s what I blame for my lack of ability to write romance. I think in reality it is just a lot harder than what everyone believes. Yes, we have all read bad examples of romance, but there are some really good examples. There are novels out there that make a jaded old bag like me believe that this time it is really going to work.

And let’s not even talk about writing $ex. I blush at the thought. My one attempt to write such a scene in one of my spec fiction stories degenerated into humour because I couldn’t do the saucy version. That’s something I long-ago reconciled myself with leaving to the experts.

So while there are people out there, particularly other genre writers, who belittle the romance writer, I think this is extremely unfair. A good romance writer is just as gifted with the written word as any other writer, they also have the benefit of being highly skilled in the manipulation of emotion. That’s something I’d be interested in learning more about.