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The Original Idea

This week the net is abuzz with news of a YouTuber who asked for a million dollars, and amazingly someone has given it to him. You can bet there will now be a spate of hopefuls loading up their requests for a million dollars and being sorely disappointed when they only get 34 views and no promises of money.

To be noticed these days, you need to do something original. Asking for money was not original, but requesting $1 million through the medium of YouTube was. Alas not any more. Now you need to do something different; ask a million people to give you a dollar, offer to do something peculiar for the million, or maybe tie some charitable act to your payment. Oh, and maybe use Twitter instead of YouTube! You need to think outside the box that has already been set, even if it was only set last week.

Writers face the problem of originality all the time. Many people say there is no such thing as an original story, you can only hope to weave familiar facets of a story together in a new way to give the feel of an original tale. For example, the story of a vampire who loves a mortal is not new, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight do it in massively different ways. And I’m sure the 200 vampire love stories published since Twilight were all different in their own way too, though not original enough to spawn their own wave of imitators.

So, the question is do you want to go for your own million dollar idea, or do you want to just twist an existing idea from another angle? I think I would rather try for something that has never been done before, it might be harder, but I’m sure it is much more satisfying. But if a million of you do want to send me a dollar, I wouldn’t say no either. I’ll even provide you with a koala photo for each ‘donation’ you send me. Here are a couple to start you off….

Koala in a tree fork

Koala from below

Photo blog… Phlog?

Having recently had a few visitors who came up and only managed to see our many koalas from a great distance, I thought I’d give you a little photo blog entry (phlog doesn’t sound that good, so I’ll stick to photo blog) of the street koalas.

And for those of you who visited, please feel free to lift these shots and pretend that you took them!

Two koalas in tree
I can’t get her from this angle, how’s your line of fire looking?


Killer Koala
Killer Koala?
Koala looking down
Oh, is that a fat, juicy gumleaf I see down there?

By the way, I think these guys need names, so if you have any suggestions please send them through. We have two girls, two boys and two juveniles.