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All about the numbers

Lots of numbers
Hits, followers, friends, connections, comments, re-tweets… Nowadays it seems that reaching out is more about the numbers than anything else. That’s not to say that the content of communication doesn’t matter, it is still paramount, but it is amazing how many people who are active online are hung up on their numbers (myself included).

I’ve recently read comments about the ‘arrogance’ of people who have more followers than people they follow on Twitter. WHAT?!?!?! If there is one place you have no control over who looks at you, it is Twitter, so how your ratio falls can hardly be put down to any fault of your personality. The comment smells a little strongly of jealousy to me.

Having a memory that goes back further than five years, I can recall when networking sites started up. Your friends were actually friends and you shared private information that really had no place on such an exposed network. Now we have hundreds, if not thousands of connections and the communication is substantially tempered to include as little personal information as possible. Well, for many of us over the age of about 22 anyway.

I can’t help but think that the online trend for collecting numbers is turning us all into marketing experts. This is not necessarily a bad thing, selling yourself is a good skill to have, but where does all this work on number building leave us for relationship building?

I know, the irony of a person who writes a blog saying this is not lost on me, but I would be lying if I did not admit that sometimes I wonder if I should be pulling back from my online world and focussing more on my offline world. I’ve done less fiction writing since I created an online presence, and have caught up with friends less often. The two might not be related (I did move states during the same time, after all) but I think it would be wise to see if there is any connection.  

Something to think about… 

Deny, deny, deny

UFO and AlienLast week a sk8ter boy in Tasmania spotted a UFO, not once, but twice. Not only that, but he managed to capture it on video using a tripod, or else he has a much steadier hand than your average UFO cameraman;
YouTube Preview Image 
Looking at the video it could be a UFO of alien origin, or it could be a blimp, or it could be some lights strung up over his back fence. My favourite suggestion so far is that it is the reflection of the guy’s modem in the window. Yes, it could be that.

The thing that gives this story plausibility is the emphatic denial the media was quick to heap onto the story. The bureau of meteorology suggested it might be the Aurora… err I don’t think so. Even a six year old raised by camels in the desert could probably tell us that the blinking lights are not the aurora.

Air Traffic Control confirmed there were no aircraft in the area at the time. What time? I checked out flights and they are pretty regular in and out, not to mention private aircraft. And just turn off your transponder and you are invisible to ATC.  

The military ‘did not comment’ –perhaps they were never asked? See, this could have been the clincher. The military have the real radar that spots everything, but they didn’t comment.

The thing that was not reported was did anyone else who was not in Sk8ter boy’s house see the lights? I know Tassie is a bit cold at the moment, but I refuse to believe no-one was out and about on Saturday night!

You cannot help but wonder if the media beat up is in fact a conspiracy. If they make such a fuss each time flashing lights are seen, soon enough we’ll just ignore them all. As Fox would say I want to believe.