I am lucky enough to have all of January off, so I am going to make the most of it with #JanNoWriMo. One of my biggest problems with doing NanNoWriMo previously is I worry that in the quest to hit the 50,000 words you can keep writing even when you know that something is wrong, when you know that the story has gone in the wrong direction. In other words, when you really should stop and consider what should happen next.

I have two plans of attack for this;

  • I’m going to write a pantser novel (nearly no plan) because you write fast and just accept that there will be big chunks you have to throw away, and
  • I’m going to not limit myself to one project.

Ideally I’ll just work on the one novel, but if I hit a patch where I’m really not sure what should happen next and I want to ruminate over it a bit, I’ve got a couple of short story ideas that I can bang out while my subconscious is working on the problem.

I’ve written a 68,000 word novel in three months before, and I did that while also working full time. But I’ve never written 50,000 words in one month before; I normally burn out at about the 30,000 word mark. I think I’m prepared this time. I have a plan, and let’s face it, any more words than one is an improvement on what I’ve got now.

I’ll check in here once a week and update my progress table below. To anyone else out there attempting #JanNoWriMo I’d love to hear your stories, tips and experiences along the way.

Good luck!!

Week Beginning Target Actual Difference
1st January 11,000  11,053  +53
8th January 22,000  21,077  -923
15th January 33,000  29,331  -3,669
22nd January 44,000  41,981  -2,019
29th January 50,000  51,154  +1,154

I actually hit 50K a day early.

The journey of a spec fic writer.