Jan-No-Wri-Mo Week 3

Look, I’m not going to make the week 3 target either, but I’m still at a higher word count than I’ve ever managed for a WriMo before, so I’m not too worried. Also I know what I’m like; when I see the end I’ll make a run for it and push out a lot more words. With any luck we won’t continue to have as many days over 40°C in the next week and a half either. Okay, enough with the excuses…

The project I’ve picked to work on is a pantser novel (no plan).  I chose this because my previous experience with a pantser project was the fastest I’ve ever written a novel. But even then, it took nearly 3 months. Part of the reason why is that I was working full-time, but the other part is because I really turned stuff over in my head before I sat down and wrote. 31 days of January doesn’t give you as much time to do that.

My new way to counter this (only started this week), as well as getting a little more exercise, is to go for a dawn walk. It’s summer here, so dawn is the best time to walk because of the heat, but with all the birds singing around you it is also really inspiring to start thinking about what the novel is going to do next. I realise that I used to do this on the bus ride when I was working, and that was missing in my #JanNoWriMo equation.

So yes, the word count is not on track, but I always knew week 2 and 3 would be bad, so I’m not letting it get to me. I think I’ll get there in the end. I’m also getting to know my community a bit more; there are a lot of dawn walkers out there. I wonder if any of them are trying to write novels?

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  1. Looks like the weather isn’t taking part in Jan-no-wri-mo this year. Time to book a Tasmanian holiday for the Australia Day weekend and do some writing in cooler comfort. With some Doctor John’s.

  2. Hey Nat.
    Have you ever tried a ‘distraction free word processor’?
    I was looking at the really cool Freewrite today https://getfreewrite.com/
    I don’t know if you have to be a hipster to own one, but it probably helps 🙂 Seriously though, it looks like a really nice device to just write, do minor edits to what you just wrote and then get straight back to writing some more.
    This device reminds me of the word processors I used to sell in 1990. They had small screens that let you edit things, but the editing was rudimentary. You couldn’t butcher what you had written the way MS Word lets you quickly destroy what you just wrote.
    I also started having a look at some of the other writing tools that create a distraction free environment by blocking out all notifications and creating a writing environment that encourages ‘flow’. Have you tried any, or could recommend one?

  3. Hi Kym,
    I haven’t tried them, but I have friends who have and swear by them. I’m actually pretty good at turning off the internet while I’m writing, so I don’t have those distractions anyway. I also learned with my first ‘pantser’ novel that the best way to write is to just let it flow and worry about editing later. So much so that I keep a run-sheet of all the things I have to change or add. It is just hand written, and I make a comment about what needs to be done in the edit, then I keep on writing from that point as if the edit has already been done. It helps get stuff finished much faster!

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