Too much communication?

At work I’m considered a luddite by everyone, including me. We have recently introduced a messaging system which, as far as I can tell, is Facebook for work. I don’t use Facebook at home, so naturally I’ve taken to this work thing like a fish to the sands of the desert. I really wonder what is the point when we already have so many other communication options?

We get told that these new programs are a great way to communicate ideas, but it seems like every few months we introduce a great new way to communicate ideas. It has now got to the point where there is so much communication that I think we are at risk of no longer communicating effectively.

Right now if I need to tell my team about something I can; a) talk to them, b) phone them, c) conference them, d) email them, e) leave a notification on a discussion board, f) put an alert on our team site, g) instant message them, or h) work-Facebook them. So if someone wants to reference this information later they need to remember which method of communication I used to communicate my idea.

I really can’t tell if it is the luddite in me that is resisting work-Facebook, or if it is the logical part of me that thinks that if we are going to introduce a new method of communication, perhaps we should ditch some of the old ones?

I could spend my whole day cross-referencing communications through all our communication channels if I wanted to, but oddly when I’m at work I need to work. So this little luddite might just sit on the sidelines a little bit longer and see if next month’s great new communication tool is any better.