The better me

As my cat stood hacking away at the furball caught in her chest, her body heaving over and over with the struggle, I found myself hoping she would swallow it and save me the trouble of cleaning it up. The better me would have been rooting for her to bring it up and expel the torment from her body. Today I was not the better me.

Often when we imagine of how we will react to a situation, I think we see better versions of ourselves. The version who will go to the aid of the person in need, even something small like choosing the carrot over the chocolate snack, doing the sit-ups or sitting at the computer writing, not wasting time on the TV/ garden/reading/ <insert procrastination poison of choice here>.

Tomorrow we think we will be the better me, giving ourselves the freedom to be the slack me today. But what we are today is what we are.

Maybe if I focus on being the better me for just one hour each day, thinking and acting as she would, then I would get a lot more things completed? And maybe, one day, when I realise I’m not thinking about what the better me will do tomorrow then I’ll know that, at last, I have become the better me.

It’s worth a try…

2 thoughts on “The better me”

  1. I think your point is a good one; if we act like the person we want to be often enough (and not just for an audience), then eventually it’ll be automatic – and not acting. Relating back to things we’ve discussed before, I feel there’s a place for the archetypal hero in stories – not flawed heroes for us to ‘relate to’, but actual honest- to-goodness heroes who inspire us to be better than we are.

  2. I agree with your comment about the hero; it seems that these days such heroes are deemed unbelievable -so we see them so rarely. But I do love to read/watch them, they do inspire!

    If only we could be so judgemental and un-accepting of all the truly bad people to which books and movies expose us, perhaps we would then see less of them.

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