Leaving something behind

It was a very sad week this week for my family. My grandmother passed away after 90 amazing years of being active and social and always exploring life. She packed a lot into those years so while it was sad to let her go, it was great to rejoice in the memories of the adventure that she had lived.

Naturally, as I’m sure we all do when faced by the realism of our own mortality, I thought of what I would be leaving behind. The song of a hundred unfinished stories filled my head and I realised that I really am wasting too much time. I know I have finished and published some stories, but next to the ones that are partly written, I can promise the best is yet to come!

I know last week I talked of well wasted time, but the truth is, much of my time recently has been wasted in front of the television, and much of that television was reality TV (house buying, house renovating or racing around the world). I can’t help but think these reality TV shows are just a poor substitute for doing it yourself? And if I’m honest with myself, I have collected enough material on these subjects now to satisfy me for life.

It’s time to do.

I think it will be harder than my chocolate-free months, but I want to give up all reality TV between now and New Year; documentaries, news, renovation anything, all gone. If it didn’t employ a writer of fiction to create it, I am not watching it. I know that sounds like I’m not cutting my options by much, but there are only a couple of fictional programs I like, so most of my evenings will end up being TV free.

If I want to leave behind more than a dent in the lounge then I need to start getting up off it and sitting at the desk instead. And I will also be turning off the internet, there is more reality TV on the net to trip you up than there has ever been on TV.

No more excuses, my writing starts again now!

4 thoughts on “Leaving something behind”

  1. Deepest condolensces on the passing of your grandmother. In a lot of ways I think grandparents provide the warmest memories, since it’s not often they have be the bad guy like a parent needs to be. Or maybe it’s just time that has made me look back on my grandparents fondly.

    Good luck with your motivation towards writing, god knows I could do with a bit of it as well. Another thing you might want to try is rewarding yourself for writing x number of pages with x hours of reality tv!

  2. So true about grandparents. I watch my parents and they let the grandkids get away with so much more than they ever let me do! And thanks for the reward suggestion, I set 500 words = 1 hour of TV and ended up with over 1,000 words in less than a week! Good to be writing again.

  3. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Nat. Seems I haven’t read anyone’s blog in several weeks! (Barely even posting to mine.)

    I think you and I have been in a very similar reality TV place. In my case, I tell myself it’s OK because “it’s on in the background” and I have my computer on my knee, but I don’t actually do anything productive! How did you go with your ban, and are you going to keep it up?

  4. The ban was quickly lifted because I followed Leif’s advice and only allowed myself to watch an episode after 500 words of writing. So far I have watched just as much Escape to the Country as usual, but I have about 1,000 words a week to show for it!

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