Looking for signs

I am always looking for signs, especially when it comes to my writing. A few years ago I asked the I Ching which story would be the first to really ‘break out’ for me, and after flipping the coins I was directed to a three lined verse which included “Cloud Dragons” –a story I was working on at the time (which has thus far never found a home).

I was wondering if I should release Paragon as an eBook and a van went past at exactly that moment with ‘Omega’ boldly printed on the side –one of the primary characters from Paragon. It was a sign.

So naturally when faced with another big decision I put it out to the universe that I was in need of a sign. Either I’ve been too blind to see it, or the universe thinks I’m getting a bit greedy with my sign requests.

I thought I’d make it easy for the universe, so when watching Escape to the country I gave the universe the sign list; if they say ‘bespoke kitchen’ I should go with option A, if they say ‘oh look, an Aga’ (with excess glee) then it is option B, and if they say ‘bags of character’ (which they say all the time and therefore indicated my true preference) then I was to go with option C.

They didn’t say any of it. Not even close.

Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me it is important that I not rely on signs? Let’s face it, as convincing as the first two were at the time, neither have really sent me in the right direction. Or maybe (it hurts to even type this) the universe isn’t really sending signs and I am just bumping into very peculiar coincidences?

Or maybe, just maybe, there is an option D out there that I haven’t yet considered?

Escape to the country is on again tonight, if they mention a ‘butler sink’, then I know the answer is option D.

Just wish I knew what option D was…