Merry Christmas

Just in case Santa didn’t bring you a copy of Paragon, you can still pick up your own copy at Smashwords! And if you feel like something a bit more ‘adult’ the Terminal Earth Anthology can also be picked up at Amazon.

But enough on the sales pitch. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and didn’t stretch your stomach (or your wallet) too much. We had to avoid ‘showers’ from the four koalas in the trees in the backyard as we played bocce, the kookaburras laughed at several of our games and the magpies spent the afternoon begging us for food. So it was a very Aussie Christmas.

Now, after two days of food, wine, gifts, food, great company, food and food I think it is time for me to have an early night. I hope you all were lucky enough to be surrounded by those you love, and you reconnected with those you do not see as often as you wish. That is the most wonderful thing about this time of year, so make the most of it and enjoy every moment of the Christmas break. Just look out for those brief showers under the gum trees.

Merry Christmas!


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