I have been very slack again on the blog front. I mean it’s one thing to not be writing new stories, but to not post when I get something published, well things must be bad. So, I’m going to address that now!

Pizzas, Parties and Poltergeists

Released in March (see, I’ve been very slack), this anthology is quite a hoot. It’s a collection of ten 80s-set or inspired horror stories from around the world. The 80s were never very good at taking themselves too seriously, and that’s reflected in a lot of the stories in the collection. But there are a few of the creepier type that the 80s did so well.

My story, Betamax, took inspiration from the classic teen horror movies of the era and writing it took me back to the fuzzed fringe and blue-mascara days. I just hope the Americans could work out that a fringe was bangs, and that they weren’t too offended that a scene took place in a toilet instead of a bathroom. 😊

The Mouse

The next publication doesn’t actually happen until next month, so the link above takes you to the Antipodean SF home page where you can see my name in the ‘Next Issue’ section for now. But go through and read some cool flash fiction from some great talent this month before it rolls over.

The Mouse is actually one of my #FuriousFiction stories with the mandatory words removed. I’ve written it 100% in speech, no description, no speech tags, nothing. That’s one of the reasons I was so keen to see Antipodean SF take it up, because Ion, the editor, selects a few to read on his radio show, and I’m hoping this one will get in.

So that’s it for now. I’ve got nothing in the pipeline, but a lot of new ideas, so let’s hope I can get at least one more of my babies out into the world before the end of 2021.