Back on the wagon

A funny thing happened on Saturday. I was lounging about, stuffing my face with enough chocolate to make me wonder if it is possible to get diabetes in a single week of poor diet choices, and I suddenly got up, came into the study, and turned on the computer. More amazingly, I opened a writing project I last worked on in October and I started editing it.

This is was a very rough first draft, so I needed to write new words and everything. Within the first sentence I felt like I’d never been away. Next thing I knew nearly two hours had disappeared and I came up for air, leaving the world in my story behind and finding myself again in the study.

It was wonderful.

This is such a nice way to end the year. It gives me hope for a more productive 2019. I have my list of writing projects I want to complete, and now it seems I have found the motivation to get back to putting words on the page instead of just watching my own private movies.

I hope you all have a very safe, relaxing and fun New Year. I’ll see you all back here next year!

One thought on “Back on the wagon”

  1. A funny thing happened for me this Saturday (7 days later). After ages without even knowing what day it was, suddenly it became Saturday with just one more day before the reality of a work Monday emerged from the mists of future time. Whilst a bit depressing after lots of relaxing “just getting stuff” done, the bright side was thinking I hadn’t read a blog for a while so there might be a few back issues to read! HNY, back to work now, leaving all that chocolate inaccessible for most of the day.

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