Officially off the wagon

Not a word was written this week. I know I often say I’ve done no writing, but that usually means no *real* writing. Just a few bits and pieces around the place, maybe a dabble with editing something. This week there was officially nothing.

In fairness it was a busy week, and I always knew it would be. It was why I didn’t try NaNoWriMo this year. But even so, I thought I’d do more than I have.

And now I have a choice; I don’t have anything booked for the rest of Sunday, so I could try and get some writing done… Or I could call up my bus buddies and see if they want to have a drink at the pub.

The sun is out. The birds are singing.

I think we all know which option I’m going to pick.

2 thoughts on “Officially off the wagon”

  1. Well I’m not sure whether to be disappointed or pleased at this revelation! A break can be refreshing, time for the creative brain to process and develop ideas. Perhaps a new novel is going to rebel against Nastoidmo and force its way into Nanowrimo. No, probably not.
    Technically, I’m wondering if writing a blog counts as writing…
    Roll on December then.

  2. I used to count blog posts toward my writing totals, but then I realised they are not too different from my personal emails and I don’t count those. Not to mention all the documents I write for work. So when I say writing it would probably be more correct to say ‘fiction writing’ -then again some of my work documents could possibly fall into that category too. 😉

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