I’m reading a book on grammar at the moment. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know it is not my strong point, but the book is starting to annoy me. I’m totally okay with people getting huffy about it’s vs its and there, their and they’re, but I’m learning that some of the things I was confused about have different rules in different places.

Take my surname for example, I don’t like having the ‘s’ on the end because should it be Potts’ or Potts’s for possessive? Well apparently that depends on if I’m American or English (of which I’m neither, I haven’t yet checked out the Aussie rule). To me, as ugly as it looks, Potts’s looks the most clear in terms of understanding.

Which has got me thinking, at what point do you say as long as you understand it is okay? This opens a whole can of worms in terms of spelling, semi-colons, colons and a raft of other written devices that I’m pretty attached to. I don’t want to see us adopt ‘color’ instead of ‘colour’ in Australia, but is that me just being a pedant? And if I give-in to dropping our beloved ‘u’ then where do I stand on ‘b4’ for before?

Maybe that’s why I never applied myself to grammar very well when I was younger? I feel okay with being at my point on the spectrum, but given I’m not a grammar nut, I can see that I have no right to get upset with people who think “Its gr8 two spewl bad” is an okay sentence.

Think I’ll just put my head in the sand again.