Comfort work trousers

The mid-year sales are on, so on Thursday night I went to the shops and got myself a set of yoga-pants (given I no longer have a need for more work clothes). I’ve only discovered yoga-pants recently –they are not as daggy as normal tracksuit pants, so at a stretch you can wear them out in public.

The moment I got them I wondered if I was making a mistake. Tapping away at the back of my mind was a short story I wrote back in 2009 called The Visitor where the character worked from home and wore what he called ‘comfort work trousers’ that looked very much like pyjama pants.

The story was a fictional look at the break down of social skills that might occur if we all started working from home. When I wrote it, it was meant to be over the top, but as time goes by it seems more and more like a glimpse into the future. I really hope not my future.

Despite the fear, I must confess that I’m wearing comfort work trousers/yoga-pants as I write this. I’m sure it will stop there, but if I start confusing my front door bell for a warning buzzer from the computer then I promise I’ll go back to work.


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  1. Hiya – long time no see/read/anything… (oops)
    I must get myself some yoga pants for working from home! I tend to wear heavy leggings of the “jeggings” variety mostly – so I can throw on a tunic over the top when I dash out for my daily cafe run… 🙂

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