Sometimes I worry that I waste too much of my life waiting for things. Waiting for a redundancy at work, waiting for an answer on a story I’ve submitted, waiting for something, anything to happen to break me out of my weekly schedule. If I was a character in a novel I’d be edited out for being too passive.

I often say to a good friend of mine (who gets my 10am email every work day) that she and I need to take more action. Why is it that when I have a novel where my character is being too passive I know what to do to get them active again? I have no idea what I should be doing to take control of my life.

I know this is just my annual life crisis cranking up a notch, but maybe instead of just riding it out I should do something crazy? Is this why so many people my age renovate their houses? They are just after a comfortable change? I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with a comfortable change. I have a feeling I’m about to put myself through a very uncomfortable change. I also think it is exactly what I need.