Writers group

I’ve heard a lot of people bag writers groups over the years. This weekend was my writers group meet-up, and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Quite aside from the fantastic critiques they give me (which have greatly improved specific stories and my writing in general) but it is such a release to talk about writing with others who write.

Stephen King is perhaps one of the best examples of someone famous I can think of who has voiced an opinion against writers groups. However he does share his writing with a core group of readers, several of whom are writers, and he comments about hanging out with other writers, I am sure they must talk about writing when they catch up. So maybe he does have a writers group, but he just calls them friends. I like to think that my writers group are friends too, we just happened to meet through writing.

I think what I’m trying to say is that if you are a writer don’t do it alone. Meeting up with other people who write so you can talk about the challenges the highs and the lows is amazingly valuable. You may get support from your non-writing friends when you talk about these things, but you get understanding from another writer.