Surprises from the box

It always amazes me how differently I can feel about a piece of my own writing depending on when I read it. I was looking for a document which wasn’t where it should be, so I had to dive into ‘the box’ to look for it. The box is filled with miscellaneous writing stuff; story bits, observations, markets, rejection letters etc.

I pulled out something called ‘story idea’ (I’ve started a lot of those over the years) which had three chapters. I thought I had remembered all the novels I had started over the years, and there have been many, but this one didn’t ring any bells. I only recognised it as my romance novel near the end of chapter one. By then I was hooked. What happened next?!?

Why did I stop working on this? The story moved along at a good pace, the character was likable and I hadn’t yet got to the romance bit, but I don’t remember there being a problem with it. My memory of it was that my attempt to write it came out so badly that I put it in ‘the box’. What a silly mistake.

Who knows, maybe I’ll pick this up again in three or six month’s time and read it again and find it wooden and crap, but right now there is a big part of me that wants to finish it. I’ve never finished a romance story before, and the Australian Romance Writers Conference is being held in Adelaide this year, maybe it is a sign? Now I’m questioning all the stories I’ve stopped. Maybe I need to visit the box more regularly?



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