Top 10 Authors – Robert J Sawyer

I came across this author quite serendipitously. A friend saw a novel going cheap on a table of remaindered books, knew I liked science fiction, and so picked it up for me. This has been my lesson that seeing your book on the remaindered book table is not always a bad thing.

After finishing that first book it was only a short time until I had ordered most of his back catalogue online (the only place I could get him at the time). Like me, Robert J Sawyer is fascinated by evolutionary theory, and it creeps into all the books of his that I’ve read so far. I love that. Also like me, Robert J Sawyer has a cast of archaeopteryx hanging in his study, which I took as a sign that on some level we were kindred spirits.

I don’t know if having a deeper knowledge of the science behind his stories helps me to enjoy them more, but I don’t think so, I think they are entertaining in their own right. But as someone who has a bit of evolutionary theory and palaeozoology creeping into more and more of my stories, it seems a no-brainer that I would love Robert’s books.

However, even if evolution is nodsville for you, don’t let that turn you off. His novels are engaging, well paced and just a good read. You don’t have to have done university level biology to enjoy his books, but if you have, then I definitely think you would do well to pick one up and give it a go. I’d recommend starting with his stand-alone novels rather than his series.