Top 10 Authors – Stephen King

I’ve included Stephen King for his overall body of work. Some of his books I have loved, been awed by and inspired by. Others I have not been able to get through. It’s not that some books are bad and others good, but Stephen King is one of those lucky authors who can dabble in anything, and some of those things I just don’t tend to enjoy as much.

He has written some of my favourite short novels/novellas including ‘The Long Walk’, ‘The Running Man’ and ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption.’ I think it is no mistake that so many of Stephen King’s stories become movies, the man knows how to put a story together. He’s also got some really nice prose, but I’m usually so caught up in what is happening that I don’t stop to mull it over.

One of his books that has guaranteed its place in my library is ‘On Writing’ –it has been the best writing book I’ve ever read and I try to re-read it at least once a year, usually in January just as my New Year’s resolutions are starting to fail. Yes, I have just finished reading it again last week. It always gets me writing and that alone will leave me forever in Mr King’s debt.

For any of you who have dismissed Stephen King as a trashy horror writer, I really encourage you to try his work, and if you don’t like horror he has written a heap of non-horror stories. You may find it under Richard Bachman, but you really won’t have to try hard to uncover something without gore. I highly recommend you give it a go because you’ll find yourself transported to another world. He really is that good.