Top 10 Authors – Eoin Colfer

It should be no surprise to find Eoin’s name here. I’ve publically declared I’ve hugged two of his books after reading them (there is now a third to add to that list). Eoin makes my list for his total body of work. I have read both his adult and young adult books and I love them all.

I think a big part of what I like about these books is that the sense of humour meshes so well with my own. There have been several occasions where I have laughed out loud on the bus, and I’m normally quite a reserved reader. I know this is a very personal thing, but hey, this is my top 10 so it gets a place.

The other thing I like about these books is the characters. They are not only humorous, but they are flawed (something else I can relate to) but deep down they are good. I like reading about good people, even if they do bad things by accident or omission. It is so much nicer to climb into the head of a good person than a bad one. Less muck sticks as well.

Eoin’s books are definitely the novels I turn to when I need to feel inspired to write again. When I read them, it makes me want to be a writer. I can imagine my characters hanging out with his and having a really good time. I actually love these books so much that I’ve set a limit on them, so that I don’t use up all their magic too quickly.

If you want to try them for yourself, and you don’t want to commit to his series (though you’d be doing yourself a favour if you did) then try ‘Half Moon Investigations’ – it is stand alone, but is very representative of Eoin’s style.