No progress

I know that all I have to do is sit myself down at the computer and make myself write, but for some reason I’m not doing it. The garden beckons, or my tax needs to be done or any of 100 other reasons come up. They are all just excuses not to write.

When I get like this I wonder if maybe I’ve stopped being a writer, and it used to scare me a bit, but I’ve been through this before so I know I will snap out of it. I’ve got blog posts about it from last time it happened.

The thing that gives me faith that I will one day get the urge to sit back down at the computer is that I still think about my stories all the time. While I’m fighting the lawnmower across the grow-5-cm-a-week grass, I’m thinking about the next novel in my were-world. I see scenes that I watch and re-watch in my head, honing them down to what feels right. I’m sure once I’ve got it I will come into the study, boot up the computer and put some words on a page. I’ll be a writer again.

It just didn’t happen this week.

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