A couple of months ago I was working on my novel nearly every night and each day of the weekend. Now I rarely ever turn my computer on at home. I’d like to try and blame it on external factors; work is very full on and stressful, I’ve been really busy… but I know that those things applied equally a couple of months ago too, but I worked around them. 

Is it possible that sometimes you just need a break?  

While I was in swing of things with writing my previous novel it felt like I had completely changed my attitude to writing and this new method was going to stick. I even blogged about it. The moment I finished the novel all drive dried up.  

A writing friend of mine was going through a non-writing period at the same time I was going through my burst, her energy was instead directed into a different creative pursuit. She is now writing again, and I don’t think it is just that we are sharing the same writing daemon and he can only be in one house at a time.  

I can feel the stir of anticipation as I start to get into the next project. Maybe this month off was necessary to cut ties with the last piece so I could dedicate myself to the next. Or maybe I just needed a break?


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