I have never been a patient person. I’m not sure that many of us are, but for me it has always been something I’ve known I need to work on. Writing forces you to become an expert.

A short story commonly sits with a magazine for three months before they give you any indication about if they like it. Even if they pick it up it can be another six or twelve months before they actually publish it. And that’s a short story.

I had a novel sitting with a publisher for two years before I pulled the pin. The six month query elicited a ‘we are still considering it’ response, but all other queries went unanswered. I’m assuming they didn’t want it. It has been six years now with no response.

It has nearly been a month since I subbed my novel for the Ampersand Prize and I know that I probably have another two months to wait before I might hear something. I thought I’d be able to distract myself by working on another project, but my patients isn’t so easily fooled.

Every day I wonder how the story is going. Have they read it? Do they like? Is it on the ‘to be considered’ pile? It isn’t interrupting my work on the new project, but I wonder if I’ll be better or worse when I’ve got two, and then three of these out in the market? I guess I’ll become a master of waiting eventually…

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