Every time I sit down to write I begin with three games of Freecell. The only time I play Freecell is before I write. This was a conscious ‘habit’ that I forced myself into so that on those days when I don’t want to write, my games of Freecell tell my brain that it has no choice; writing is about to happen because it ALWAYS happens after three games of Freecell.

Some days I want to jump straight into the writing, but I still play the Freecell. Some days I can feel myself dragging the games out so that it will take me longer to get to the writing bit, but there always is a writing bit. I can honestly say that many times the Freecell has been the difference between getting words on the page and staring into space for an hour. It works.

So if you often find yourself lost for motivation or inspiration, just start programming yourself instead so you no longer rely on those –ations. Habit is reliable, hard to break once it is set, and something every writer should get into if they ever want to finish that novel.

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