Writing Longhand

In an effort to free up more writing time on the weekend I’ve started writing my blog posts on a week night. The problem is I work with computers all day so when I get home the last thing I want to do is turn on a computer. My solution has been to write longhand into a notepad.

I don’t normally write a lot by hand (shopping lists, notes, that’s about it really), but I know a lot of writers who always write their first drafts longhand. A writer friend of mine said she preferred it for first drafts because she didn’t feel the urge to go back and correct or edit like she does when she is typing.

Maybe one of the reasons I don’t like longhand is because I do go back and edit as I go. Even this short post was covered in cross-outs and microscopic inserted text by the time I got to this point. Squiggles and arrows rendered the draft almost unreadable.

Freehand writing makes me feel limited, not liberated. So I think this week’s post may be my last longhand writing effort. I might just have to fire up the computer on a week night. Who knows, I might even end up writing.

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