Huggable books

I just finished reading another Eoin Colfer book. I can’t tell you how much I love reading them. I did hug it just before I sat down for what I knew would be my last session of reading before I finished. I hugged Half Moon Investigations when I read that one too. I don’t often hug books and yet I’ve now hugged two of Eoin’s.

I would love to write a huggable book. As much as I do occasionally dabble in adult horror and some hard sci fi, I think humour and junior is where the hugs are at. Scaring people is okay, but making them feel good is, for me, the ultimate prize for a writer. Unless the scaring helps make people aware, I plan on scaring people about the state of the environment until the day I stop writing. But I think you can still do that in a huggable book.

So if you haven’t read an Eoin Colfer book, please do. And please buy Half Moon Investigations, he’s only written one of those and I would love to see it as a series. I need some more books to hug.

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