Forgive me if I’ve told this story before. But I’ve been thinking a lot about synchronicity and how we do or don’t shape our lives with it. Synchronicity is when a single or series of coincidences come together to make something happen that you want to happen. I’ll give you an example.

For a long time I wanted a blue cat, but I also didn’t want to buy a cat, I wanted to re-home one. Out of the blue when at dinner with friends I mentioned this. My friend got a funny look on her face and said that she happened to hear that her husband’s mothers’ cleaner’s mother needed to re-home a British Blue cat. That is synchronicity. That’s also how my cat came to live with me.

The thing that worries me about synchronicity is that if we can harness its power to do good, what in us makes us not use it all the time? Why does my rom-com-zombie-romance-action –thriller story not fall onto the right publisher’s desk at the time they are looking for it? Does that mean I actually don’t want it to be published?

I think it is like the old story about the poor man who begs God to let him win the lottery, but he never wins. When he dies and goes to Heaven he asks God why He never delivered the winnings and God replies that the man needed to buy a ticket.

If the rom-com-zombie-romance-action-thriller is stuck in my desk drawer, the only way the publisher is going to see it is if he/she is robbing my house. Even then I doubt they would make an offer of publication, no matter how much they like it.

So I think synchronicity is out there waiting to help us, but we need to help it help us. If I had never mentioned aloud my desire for a blue cat, my little fluffy muse would never have come to live with me. Synchronicity requires some proactive-activity on our behalves first.

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