Adelaide Writers Week 2015

It is that time of year again, when Adelaide opens the gardens and hosts one of the last remaining free writers festivals in Australia. I must confess that this year I have heard of very few of the authors, but then that is the case nearly every year, so I’m sure I’ll discover some new favourites.

Writers week is so valuable because it gives writers an opportunity to mix with their reading public, and for the public to get a chance to get to know the authors. Too often readers assume that a writer is like their lead character, when the truth is the lead character is often an alter ego, and sometimes reflects nothing of the writer’s true self.

It is also interesting to hear what readers ask the writers, once you get past the standard ‘where do you get your ideas’ and ‘how did you get published’. Some questions show just how much a reader thinks about a story long after the book has been finished.

So come along, I’ll be there in the crowd somewhere. I’m sure you will learn something and you may just find your next favourite book.

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