Like many people, I don’t like change that is forced upon me (as compared with change I instigate – which I relish). This can be as minor as delaying what time I go for my coffee in the morning up to the major things, like losing my job. I’m facing the latter at the moment as my workplace faces ‘significant redundancies’ –and they are not talking about the payouts with the significant bit.

I’ve pre-posted this blog, so there is a good chance that by the time you read this I will know if I’m out or not. I suspect I may take a little while to come to terms with the outcome no matter what way things turn out, so I may add a postscript to this, but I may not. Sorry.

The stupid thing is, what annoys me most about this change is the not knowing what is going to happen (or not happen). Do I have to prepare to look for work, or to take on the roles of others in my team, or manage the stress when I meet with other teams who have lost people in their team? I have no idea.

If there is one thing that getting to this age has taught me (and I believe there are actually quite a few things now) it is that going through the change is never as bad as you think it will be. It is once you know about the change that you get riled up. The anticipation of it gets under your skin. The doing, well that’s head down bum up stuff. You just get on with it and it happens.

So don’t be concerned for me, I’m not too worried, just be understanding if I’m a bit grumpy. I’m not good with change. Maybe that is my lesson to learn this year?

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  1. So sorry to hear this, Nat. Hope it’s all resolved now, one way another, and you can get on with the head-down bum-up stuff. Uncertainty is the worst. 🙁

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