New Year

The New Year is nearly upon us and so, yet again, it is time to make up the list of what is to be done, goals to achieve, habits to change etc. The temptation is there just to roll over the stuff from this year and add a few new things.

I’m going to resist that temptation.

I cannot help but feel that there must be a reason for me not hitting those goals, especially the complete lack of progress in the latter part of the year. There is no doubt that life (and by that I mean WORK) got in the way a bit, but I wonder if my process is perhaps getting a little stale.

A little wobble of security on the work front saw me take away my rewards for achieving a number of goals for the week. For a couple of months it was fine, just getting the high numbers was enough, but I wonder if the rewards were more incentive than I realised. They were things I wanted but didn’t need, and I think I need to bring them back. Even if I get a bit creative to save on costs, like giving myself a whole Sunday of just reading a book, now that would be incentive!

The other thing I need to look at is my projects. I think I have too many and I spread myself too thin. I’ll sometimes have goals for three different writing projects in a week. Now that’s just silly. And who knows, maybe the appeal of working on something different will be enough motivation to get me through what my current focus is. I may actually get some stuff finished.

So good luck with your goal setting and remember; these are not set in stone, you can always re-jig them at any time if they aren’t working. New Year is just a good time to refresh your vision for the future, it isn’t about locking one in.

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