Safe places

Many years ago, I discovered a pen that I loved. It was the perfect shade or purple, sat nicely in my hand, wrote smoothly without blotches and actually made me write more neatly. I know there are a bunch of you nodding right now knowing exactly what I mean.

I had been stung before, waiting for the pen to run out before I went to buy a new one, only to discover that pens were like skirt lengths, they went in and out of fashion on a regular a basis. This time I bought ten of them in one hit and carefully hid them away in a safe place.

My purple pen ran out this week. It is a very important pen, I use it to check off my weekly list of things to do, so I needed to get a new one quickly. I went to my stationery box, my stash was not there. My stationery drawer also proved fruitless. I know I’ve got at least eight of these things somewhere and I know I have changed pens since I moved to this house, so they are here somewhere, but I have no idea where I have put them.

This is what I worry about with story ideas or ‘bits to add’ to existing stories. I have those stored safely away in about ten different books. I’m sure that when I go to find them I’ll have no idea where they are. Worse still, I’ll probably forget they even exist.

I hope that one day in the future when I stumble across the little bag of pens I’ll instantly remember the aspects of them I love, but it is just as likely I’ll have to re-discover them, and I’m sure the way I think of them will be different. That is what has already happened with my rediscovered story ideas.

Perhaps the safest place to put something is right in front of you?

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