Ideas Challenge

I have this naive (possibly) belief that there is an unlimited well of ides inside me and I will always be able to find something if I dip inside my head and look. But I’m starting to wonder if this is just because I do so little writing that when an idea comes to me I have so many others as yet unwritten, that I generally ignore it.

I have recently been thinking about what the down sides would be to being a full time writer, and for the most part they are things I enjoy about working in a normal job; having work colleagues to chat with, the coffee shop situated just downstairs which gives me an escape for a few minutes, no need to network and find my next contact for my next project. But one thing that didn’t occur to me until this week was the stress around the pressure to be creative.

When your creativity is a hobby, and therefore an option, there is no pressure to come up with stories. It is the idea that drives you to write, not your need to write driving the ideas. As a full time writer I would need to be generating a LOT of ideas, and if the well is dry when I try to dip into it, I would have to dig deeper, coming back later would not be an option.

So I’ve decided to set myself a challenge so that when that million dollar publishing deal (or, let’s be honest, any publishing deal) turns up, I’ve thought about all the pros and cons and I’m ready to jump in. So for the remainder of the year I’m going to come up with an idea for a story every Monday and Thursday. I’ve even got a beautiful notebook that I’ve been too afraid to write in that will be perfect for the challenge. I’ll report back here to let you know how I go.

One thought on “Ideas Challenge”

  1. Well it has been two weeks and so far I have one flash fiction plot, two young adult novel plots and one horror short story plot. So it is going well so far. The best bit is having no idea what the idea is going to be, getting that sense of desperation that it won’t happen, and then being hit over the head with it. A person could get addicted to this sort of thing!

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