Open your eyes

The spec fic writer in me cannot help but imagine the worst turn of events for what could happen with the current Ebola outbreak. A long time ago I read a non-fiction book called ‘The Hot Zone’ by Richard Preston and it was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever read. And it was real. And it is happening right now.

This week it has made me look at all the bits of community I take for granted in a whole new light. The social chat at the check-out, the morning banter at the bus stop, the bus ride, and skiving off work to get a quick coffee. These could all become memories at a moment’s notice.

I never really realised how much such moments define my experience of my community. I also never thought about how important they were until I started thinking ‘what if I couldn’t do this anymore?’

This winter just gone, all but one member of my team at work got the cold that was going around. Imagine if that was Ebola? Well, actually don’t, it is a horrible way to spend your time.

We need to support whatever measures are put in place to stop this thing. We need to take it seriously, and we need to act now. And just in case the worst does happen, make sure you open your eyes and make the most of the nice interactions you have with strangers around you now. You may just find it defines you more than you realise.

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