I’m currently reading a book on synchronicity, or the coincidences in your life which are there to help you on your way, or teach you a lesson. The idea is that coincidences are always there for a reason (or as Dean Koontz often says, there are no coincidences), so when you happen across them, then you know that the universe is trying to tell you something so you should listen.

I’ve known about synchronicity for a long time, and I have always been open to the idea, but I hadn’t been dazzled by it recently. So I borrowed this book to remind me of the exercises I’m ‘meant’ to do to open myself to being able to recognise when synchronicity is occurring.

The day I borrowed the book I had two unrelated people talk to me about synchronicity. They both brought the subject up without any prompting from me. The next day I got home and thought I should make a healthy salad for dinner, but all I could be bothered with was oven fries. The oven wouldn’t turn on! So I made the salad and felt really good. The book was working already.

I love synchronicity, I love the thrill when it unfolds in front of you, but it does raise so many questions, not least of which is am I not where I want to be because I’ve been too dopey to recognise the opportunities that were manifesting to move me along, or (worse still) am I exactly where I should be according to the universe?

So maybe when I start sending out the novel that will somehow help humanity, then the universe will jump on board and make it fall into the hands of the editor who loves it in the publishing house which is looking for exactly that book. Sounds like a lot of coincidences, but I guess that’s what synchronicity is all about.