It works! So far…

I’m loving the working day of writing, or eight-hour week. Twice I’ve sat down to do an hour of writing and ended up doing over two. Amazingly my editing has also improved significantly because on the days when I have commitments in the evening I print off stuff to edit in little blocks of time around my social life.

I think part of the reason for my success so far is that I seem to be planning much better than I have for my other ‘methods’ of writing. Because my definition of writing has expanded to editing I’m actually giving my editing the recognition it deserves and therefore getting more done.

When you just have word targets editing can fall down in the priority list, but there is no point writing 5,000 words a day if you don’t edit them. So now, not only am I starting to finish some stories to first draft status, but I’m actually dragging some of them through to a second draft so I can show them to my beta readers.

So the eight hours across the week compared to one whole day dedicated to writing. Well there is no comparison; I was four times more productive spreading my writing over a full working week than I was with a single day of ‘dedicated’ writing. I think I might be onto something here!