A full working day…

On Monday it was Adelaide Cup Day, yes, the race that doesn’t even stop the capital city after which it was named was on, so we all got to take the day off, most of us unsure if it was Labour Day, the Queen’s Birthday or just a day for us to get to the Fringe before the festival was over.

I decided to treat it like the day I would have if I was writing full time. I let my alarm go off at my usual Monday wake-up time, intending on doing an Alexander McCall Smith and writing for three hours before the rest of the world woke up. Instead I hit snooze faster than I thought my brain could even deduce that it didn’t have to go to work and I went on to sleep in over an hour later than usual.

But then I did get up and write… For an hour and a half. Then everything else became important; the grass needed mowing, the hedge clipping, I hadn’t spent enough quality time with my cat. As I was ploughing through the lawn (I have a push-mower and hadn’t cut the grass for nearly a month, so it really was ploughing) I started thinking about my week off for writers’ week. True I had written nearly 7,000 words in about a week, but nearly all of those were put down in 1.5 hour slots. Maybe word counts aren’t my thing, maybe I need time allocations?

So this coming week instead of word count targets I’m going to trial allocated timeslots for writing. I’m going to aim for one hour a day, with the option of extending by an extra half hour. I know that some days it will be impossible to book out a full hour on some of my evenings, so on those days where I am busy I will break the target into 30 minute slots which I can slip into the bus trip and lunch breaks. Since I have discovered that I edit much better on paper than the screen, editing can be the thing to do in those small slots.

I’ll let you know how I go, but the truly interesting thing will be to compare the output from my “full dedicated day” of writing on Monday to this upcoming week where, if all works out well, I should have about 8 hours of writing, or one full work day equivalent.