Some like it hot

On Thursday Adelaide was the hottest city on the planet. Fortunately I wasn’t there, I was in Melbourne where it was only 43.9’C (111.02’F). Gee I’m glad I brought all those jumpers over, such a good use of limited bag space.

There were some interesting discoveries this weather led me to… Firstly, the air conditioning in my car doesn’t seem to work as soon as the ambient temperature goes over 35, and secondly, I go such an alarming shade of red when I get hot that people stop and watch me to see if I’m going to fall over dead, or just melt into a pool of flesh and hair.

It is not the way a woman wants to stand out in a crowd.

This was meant to be my week off where (between social engagements) I was going to write up a storm. Instead I’m barely able to stay awake the moment I go into any air conditioned space (including the supermarket) and I can’t even focus well enough to move my eyes down to the next sentence when I’m reading a book, let alone trying to write one.

So this week has certainly answered my oft ruminated query; is hot or cold weather worse for writing? There is no doubt in my mind (and any that may have been there has certainly melted out and been flushed away in an ocean of sweat), hot weather dries up the creative juices far more efficiently than the cold weather can freeze them.

Bring on Autumn!