Happy New Year!

Well by now a lot of you are back at work and don’t feel like anything has really changed since 2014, and let’s face it, nothing has. I often look at our pets on NYE and think how odd they must think we are; a bunch of people all carrying-on and staying up late on this one (apparently) random night. Then again my cat seems surprised by, and then eats, her own fur off the floor, so maybe I’m being a bit generous attributing such thoughts to her.

But it is a good chance for making public declarations about what we are going to do more of, less of and goals we want to achieve. So here are my writing resolutions in no particular order:

  • Submit at least one story every month
  • Review feedback and edit my stories within a week of attending writers group
  • Write at least 100 words a day (this is to form a habit, I don’t think 100 words a day will finish any of my novels)
  • Upgrade my blog
  • Out-loud edit every story before I send it anywhere.

I also have a list of stories that I want to finish or re-write, but the plan is that that list will grow as I cross off the completed tasks throughout the year. The story names will be meaningless to you (and are very subject to change) so I haven’t included that list here.

Feel free to give me your writing resolutions or make suggestions for some that I should add!

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 is a peaceful, prosperous and environmentally friendly year.

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