Happy Christmas!

When I was a kid I used to get so excited about the approach of Christmas. It was the start of the end-of-year school holidays that seemed like they stretched out forever in front of you, the promise of getting that widget you had been circling in the toy catalogues for the previous three months, and the fun of catching up with cousins, aunts and uncles who you hadn’t seen for what felt like years.

Then in my early adult years I loved the extra pay that working the pre-Christmas trading hours would give me, the trip back to Adelaide to see all my friends (and family) and the mountains of delicious food and drink on the day. It was always something to be savoured on many levels.

Now I confess I get excited about the week off work, the wonder the kids exude as they eyeball the gifts already under the tree (which of course they can’t touch –while anyone is looking) and hearing them speculate about how Santa will get into the house on the big night.

Yes it is true that none of those things are what Christmas is ‘really’ meant to be about, but for me I think it is wonderful that as a society we do take this time to stop, give thanks, and catch up with family. So no matter what your beliefs may be, I hope you have a happy Christmas filled with love, gratitude and relaxation.

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