Looking back

The other day I needed to find a map I had drawn up for my fantasy novel. I drew it about five years ago, so I knew it would be stored somewhere in ‘the box’. This is where I have heaped all my miscellaneous writing and allied writing stuff going right back to when I was at high-school.

I have been lugging this stuff around from house to house knowing that I didn’t want to throw it away, but not ever bothering to open it up and go through it. So my ‘quick look’ to find the map turned into a two hour review session. I found stuff I couldn’t even remember writing!

In there I found the beginning of, and detailed plan for a vampire romance, written when I was just 16 years old, about 16 years before Ms Meyer took the world by storm! Now I’m not delusional, my 16 year-old writing is full of flaws (or should I say more flaws) and it is by no means best seller material. Also the market probably wasn’t there or waiting be tapped back then. The point is that I have dragged this story with me everywhere and hadn’t run an eyeball over it for more than 20 years.

I found stories I want to finish in this box. I found stories that should have been written as ‘flash fiction’ – a form that didn’t even formally exist when I penned these (yes, penned, not typed). And so far I’m only half way through the box!

How many other little gems have I forgotten? All this time I have been carrying around this work thinking it was just a personal history to see how my writing had progressed over the years, when in fact it is like a little veggie patch of ideas. Some can be left to the snails and earwigs while others just need a little light and fertile imagination and they could grow into something I would be proud to harvest!

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  1. I recently went through all my old stuff too — and ended up chucking out a heap of old printed drafts with workshopping comments on them. These were completely superseded drafts and although it was fun to read over some of them, ultimately they needed to be chucked out.

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