I recently read a book called ‘The ethics of what we eat’ by Peter Singer & Jim Mason. As I was boiling up the carcass of my roasted free-range chicken (to make stock) and ensure I got every nutritional morsel the poor creature could offer me, I realised what a significant influence reading that book has had on my eating choices.

I have previously seen several documentaries which have showed me big slabs of what this book told me, as well as hearing others espouse the virtues of what this book shared. But until I read the book it just didn’t seem to stick. Now, every time I make a decision about what I’m going to eat, aspects of this book flicker through my thoughts.

I know a big part of this is a me thing; I really get into books. I’m sure for others a book will not have as much impact as seeing something on the screen, or hearing the story from the lips of someone who has seen and knows. But I’m sure there are many others out there who do gel more strongly with what they read.

It makes you realise, yet again, what power there is in the written word. If only more of us could use that power to do good 🙂

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