Flash fiction markets

Any review of Duotrope of Ralan will show you that there are hundreds of markets for flash fiction. Due to how short the stories are it is also not uncommon for markets to publish these weekly or even daily in some cases, meaning they take on a lot of new manuscripts. A lot of the more prestigious print markets are also offering flash fiction on their websites, so the market for flash fiction just continues to grow.

I think it is safe to say that you probably won’t be able to retire off what you make on selling flash fiction stories, and in truth even using the word ‘selling’ is a bit ambitious. Even in the upmarket magazines it is not uncommon for them to offer publication without payment.

I know this lack of financial reward might turn some writers off, but I think in such a competitive world as we see in writing, particularly speculative fiction writing, anything that you can do to get your toe in the door with a publisher is a good thing. If a magazine has published one of your flash fiction stories you can be sure they will run an eye over your longer fiction if you send it in, it may even skip over the slush pile altogether.

As you probably can tell, I’m a big fan of flash fiction. It is so quick and easy to read that you don’t need to make a big time commitment to check it out. Flash fiction also serves as an opportunity to hand out samples of your writing to get yourself on the radar of publishers and introduce yourself to readers who may go on to seek out your longer works.

I’d recommend everyone give flash a go, if nothing else the editing skills you learn from cutting down your opus to under 1,000 words are invaluable. I have no doubt that what I have learned from writing flash has helped improve both my short stories and my novels.

Give it a try, it will only take a flash!

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