Happy New B’ak’tun!

Yes, we survived. Who would have thought? Now I’ll be eating canned tuna and rice for the next six weeks, but it is a small price to pay for the world not ending.

So I’ve decided to celebrate the new b’ak’tun (that’s what it’s called when it rolls around from to in the Mayan Long Count calendar) by starting all my New Year’s resolutions early. A new b’ak’tun seems so much more significant than just another new year.

Thus far I have been pretty good, but the first few days are often like that. Some of my resolutions are going to be a bit tricky to stick with through Christmas, but if I can stay with them over the next week then they might stay with me well into 2013.

One of my resolutions is to start putting some structure around this blog, so January is going to be dedicated to Flash Fiction – writing it, reading it, and appreciating it. I’m a big fan of flash fiction, and probably 70% of my publications are flash, so I’ll share with you what I can.

As for the rest of the year, well I’ll think about that… Structure doesn’t mean having to be anal about my planning, it probably just means less koala photos, unless I do a koala theme month.

So have a Merry Christmas, and be sure to stop and think about how lucky we are. It is very easy to lose sight of how blessed we really are in comparison to so many on this planet.

And finally; congratulations on surviving the nopocalypse!

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