Cat lady

I don’t know if it is because I am a writer, but whenever I mention to my work colleagues that I have a cat, they accuse me of being a ‘cat lady’. I don’t think of myself as a cat lady, nor a lady for that matter, so I guess that begs the question of what does define a cat lady?

For starters I think they usually have multiple cats. I only have one. They will often refer to their cats as their babies, or themselves as their cat’s mummy. I have no illusions about my cat’s pedigree, I am the one chosen to look after her at the moment. I am not her parent.

Where it gets hazy is when it comes to talking to your cat, which I do frequently. I guess the big deciding factor on your cat lady-ness is if a) you think the cat understands you (she doesn’t), or b) if there is some part of you waiting for a response (while I would love that to happen, I know it won’t).

I guess the final thing, having known a few real cat ladies in my time, is that generally cat ladies revel in the title, because the fact is, there is nothing wrong with being a cat lady. It is a wonderful thing to love another animal and expect nothing back in return. I always find true cat ladies to be kind people and good friends.

So part of me kind of wishes I was cat lady. Maybe I should get another cat?