Given I only started sending stuff out in the second half of this year I am pleased to let you know that recently I have had two stories published;

Addiction – Antipodean SF which reflects my view about what direction Facebook is heading toward, and may explain to my Facebook FriendsTM why I never log onto my account any more.

Antipodean SF is a fantastic online magazine that has been supporting the Australian writing scene for years, so I’m glad that one of my publications this year is in this wonderful magazine. My first ever publication was in Antipodean SF and the editor worked with me to get my piece up to scratch –I’ll never forget that!

Jaxon’s Gift – Trembles Magazine. This is the story that got me an honourable mention in last year’s Australian Horror Writers Flash Fiction competition. This story was inspired by a friend’s child who spent most of my visit at his house wriggling his tooth before finally pulling it out to show me just before lunch was served. So gross on so many levels. Parents must get endless inspiration for horror stories… 

Hopefully these won’t be the only publications this year, but I wanted to share them while they were still fresh!

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