Happy Father’s Day

Father’s day, like most of our family celebrations, has been somewhat hijacked by crass commercialism. This has led to a rule in my family that all mother’s and father’s day gifts need to be handmade.

This has meant I’ve really had to get in touch with my creative side over the years, especially when I was living in a different state from my father. The upside is that I probably put more thought and time into creating an inexpensive gift than if I had gone out and bought something fancy.

The other side is that my parents really appreciate the gifts that much more, knowing that I have put the effort into making them. Which I guess is what mother’s and father’s day is all about; taking the time to really appreciate your parents.

So what’s dad getting this year? Home-made marinara pizza (no skimping on the prawns), and a unique Natalie-style humorous handmade card. At least I hope it is humorous 🙂

To all the dads out there I want to wish you a very happy father’s day!