100 Words a day

Who would ever have thought something so simple could work so well?!? Yes the target has only been to do 100 words per day, no that will not get a novel written by the end of the year, but YES it does get me writing, and isn’t that what this is all about?

So far the least number of words I have written in a day is 124, the most; 1,493. All up this week I have managed over 3,000 words. All this just by trying to make 100 words a day. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it myself (and had the spreadsheet to track and graph it, of course).

Three days I needed to do my 100 words after climbing into bed for the end of the day. I was so determined to reach this tiny little goal that I easily motivated myself to leave the light on just ten minutes longer. Once I even had to write on the back of an envelope because I couldn’t find my pad and the enthusiasm was severely lacking to go looking for it, but at no time did I think it was too much to attempt.

100 words per day is so unbelievably doable! And more than 75% of what I have written was usable stuff. I even dusted off an old novel and managed to plough through, past my dreaded chapter 5.

If I can do this for a month I might even form the habit of a lifetime. No matter how busy life gets or how many other deadlines I have, I think I should always be able to make these 100 words; three or four paragraphs, fifteen lines on my little bedside pad. I might just get some of these novels finished yet…

6 thoughts on “100 Words a day”

  1. Hey Nat,

    yay for knuckling down to the writing – glad it’s been productive. You’ve inspired me to also commit to putting something down on paper every day .. not words though 😉

  2. Well done Clarky! Hope I get to see it, what I saw before was AMAZING, can’t wait to see them all finished!

  3. I think I owe you a big thank youfor suggesting the 100 words a day in the first place. And guess what, week two and I’m still managing it every day!

  4. fantastic! Maybe I should try it. I’m not making 500 a day – I’ve decided I can only do one thing an evening, so it’s either write (500w), blog, read blogs and ‘connect’ via social media, or something else. But maybe I can fit in 100 on the days I do somehting other than write. Like tonight 🙂

  5. I’ve only missed it once so far, and that was a really busy day where I honestly just forgot! But this week I only really managed to make time for my 100 word writing sessions (no proper hours put in at the keyboard) and I still managed to get over 1,500 words done just with that. So I’m loving the 100 word challenge!

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